Etsy Tuesday. Six Things.

It's Tuesday. It's August. The summer is flying by fast.

I'm exercising my jewelry-maker privilege today, to bring you an all-jewelry post. I also feel like resurrecting my old habit of including at least one feathery item in my Treasury Tuesday posts (here's an almost totally feathery one).

Looking at feathers reminded me of ferns, which reminded me of lichen. One thing led to another, and here you go...

1. A sterling feather necklace.

photo (c) IvyStoneCreative

2. A porcelain feather brooch.

photo (c) VanillaKiln

3. A fern and birch bark resin ring.

photo (c) vesnastudiooo

4. A fern terrarium necklace.

photo (c) MARIAELA

5. A pair of silver etched lichen earrings.

photo (c) KatieMullinsBonyas

6. A lichen and resin sterling stacking ring.

photo (c) CrowWoodcraft


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