F. R. I. D. A. Y.

I should have let Kaylee write blog posts for me instead of playing games on PBS Kids.

Happy Friday! The photo above is from last summer, but lately I've spent my afternoons in this exact spot, with Nolan (and sometimes Kaylee, when she isn't on my phone or my tablet watching Netflix) sitting in my lap trying to take over the computer. Kaylee is so much taller this summer, with the worldliness of an almost-first-grader. Nolan is a busy and opinionated toddler, although he still reverts to cuddly baby without warning. I want to put rocks on their heads, as my grandmother used to say.

Here are some things I've enjoyed this week. I hope you'll enjoy them, too.

The joy of reading about cooking.

Zucchini? Yes. Cheese? Yes. Zucchini grilled cheese? Maybe.

These are great kitchen storage ideas, mostly.

Gadzooks! Look at these nooks!

What a story!

Would you? Could you? 

Choose happiness.

Now, go do something fun this weekend!


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