F. R. I. D. A. Y.

crescent shadows on my driveway - partial eclipse, August 21, 2017

Happy Friday! As I sat down to write this, I began pulling up some of the things that I've found throughout the week, most of which were right where I left them, in recent posts on blogs that are in my RSS feed. But some things need to be searched for either in my email, where I've sent myself links from my phone, or in my "recently bookmarked" list in Firefox.

Somehow, the bookmarks have fallen into some sort of time warp. I clicked the radio button at the top of the browser (did you remember those things are called radio buttons? And why are they called that?), and where the recent items should be, there are bookmarks from 2011! How did that happen? Should I blame it on the eclipse?

Speaking of the eclipse, I was floored by this essay by Annie Dillard, describing her experience of a total solar eclipse in 1979. It's available online only until the end of the month, so take the time to read it now, if  you can. And here are some incredible photos of Monday's eclipse.

More tidbits for you, except for the missing bookmarks, alas...

What's the best thing you read this summer?

Homesick Texan's green chile creamy avocado salsa might get me into the kitchen.

The title of this article cracked me up!

Have yourself a really good weekend!


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