Etsy Tuesday. Six Things.

My favorite Christmas trees growing up were the years that my mom went minimal and painted a bare branch to hang ornaments from. Some years it was white, and other years it was gold or silver. She used plaster of Paris to secure it into a clay flowerpot painted to match, and it sat on a low end table, atop a white felt runner she embroidered with beaded snowflakes. It usually held ornaments in the shapes of snowflakes or stars or even flowers and butterflies, some handmade, some purchased from exotic places like Pier One or the neighborhood grocery or hardware store. It always included a very old German glass rose ornament and vintage glass icicles that my grandfather purchased when she was a child.

In the spirit of those much-loved trees, my Etsy picks today include a selection of Christmas decor with a minimalist vibe and neutral tones...

angel wings ornament by by cherishthememorycouk

constellation gift wrap by NewtonAndTheApple

reindeer napkin rings by ByCharlie

Christmas trees table runner by Nuagehome

white laser cut cardboard tree by cardboardchristmas

reclaimed wood star tree topper by KentuckyReclaimed

Note:  I probably should have posted these two months ago, since all but one of these shops are outside of the U.S. Be sure to note estimated processing and shipping times if you're inclined to order any of these.


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