F. R. I. D. A. Y.

labradorite and sterling on birch

Hello there. Friday has rolled around again. It seems like it shows up at least once a week, doesn't it? Maybe not quite as often as Monday, though.

Here are some things that have caught my eye over the last seven days...

I've almost made it, grudgingly, through the first week without Daylight Savings Time. I find the early darkness depressing. If you do, too, maybe some of these ideas will help.

While this menu wouldn't suit most of my guests, I wouldn't mind sharing this relaxed attitude toward hosting a dinner party.

I let the local exhibition of Vivian Maier's photography pass by without visiting, but I think I'll put this book on my wish list.

"And if I see the humanity in nature, I see the nature in humanity as well."

Light play (be sure to watch the video).

I would happily move right into this beautiful home.

Have the best weekend.



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