Post-weekend post, a.k.a. I missed F. R. I. D. A. Y.

my keno/birthday cake

It was the Friday before Funky Finds, and all through the house, there was much going on, but no writing time was found. And then in the middle, on Saturday, you know, the evening was filled and the beverages did flow...with Keno friends and pizza, and laughter and prizes, and birthday cake and gifts and other surprises. Exhaustion ensued, but the show must go on, though Sunday was shorter, and the sales weren't as strong. It was indeed quite a weekend, the first of four-in-a-row, of a busy jewelry maker in holiday mode. So here is a belated roundup of things, that I think you might like if you dare click the links...

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner? This will help, perhaps.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes (or just really pretty side dishes if you're not hosting a meatless meal).

Does everything have to be in a mason jar?

"My dad calls my mom Love, almost as if that is her name."

Let's send more notes, because these are lovely.


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