Baby it's hot outside!

We just had our thirteenth official day over 100 degrees, including the last five days in a row. By official, they mean as measured at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The closest Weatherbug reporting station for my zip code has reported more triple-digit days than that, with most of them in the 103 to 105 range.

They said on TV that our average number of 100-plus degree days per year is seventeen, so does that mean we only have to suffer through four more? I'm not going to place any bets on it.

Wherever you are, I hope it's cooler than here. If you're here, I hope you've got some nice indoor activities and some good air conditioning.

This is where you won't find me sitting, most days.


  1. Much cooler here! We were in Oregon for a week and I expected to come home to typical mid-July temps. Not so! It's been in the 50s at night and is only 71 this morning. Where'd summer go? South, I guess. ;)

    Love your blog!

  2. Sounds like I need to head to Nebraska, but there's the chance that the heat would simply follow me there.

    I'm sure you got great pictures in Oregon. I'll look forward to seeing them on your blogs. Thanks for stopping by, Les!


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