Sometimes my hatred of cooking rears its ugly head

Being somewhat poor of late and with both Fred and I needing to eat healthier, I've been serving up lean grilled meats and salads most evenings, with an occasional foray into burgers or even a hot dog or two. But some evenings I just can't do it. The very idea of cooking even as simply as I usually do is just too much. Tonight was one of those nights.

Fred was happy to pop a Stouffer's mac & cheese into the microwave, so I was off the hook. About an hour after he ate, I was feeling a little hungry myself...well, actually, I was feeling a lot hungry, since my lunch (with Mom at Applebee's) and my late afternoon Java Chip Frappuccino (Mom and I usually end up at Starbucks on our days together) had worn off by 8:00pm. Usually I resort to a bowl of cereal, but after a few minutes of checking the cereal boxes, the freezer and the fridge, I decided upon Lender's bagels with soft Philly cream cheese and a dollop of apricot Smucker's Simply Fruit.'s what's for dinner.

Oh, and here's my new granddog...Skyy!


  1. I totally hear ya on the cooking thing. I think I've cooked for Garrod a grand total of 10 times in the year+ we've been married. Not good.

    Your new granddog is adorable! You should talk about how much you love your granddog around my mom. (I thought the arrival of a granddog would encourage my mom to visit more often, but alas...)

  2. Adrienne, I wonder how many meals I've cooked in the 35 years I've been married? Better yet, wonder how many I've avoided cooking?

    Considering how many dogs are currently in residence at your mom's house, I guess a granddog just isn't that different. I remember my MIL saying she guessed all she'd ever have was grandcats, but eventually she got actual grandCHILDREN. Skyy is my fourth granddog. Guess I'll be patient for grands of the human variety.


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