I hope I haven't put you off...

In my introductory post on this blog, I mentioned that I thought it rude to comment anonymously on other people's blogs. And for the first couple of days, I not only had my settings on comment moderation, but also set to disallow anonymous comments. But I realized right away that many people don't want to set up a Google or Blogger or OpenID account just to make a comment, so I changed my settings.

So please, feel free to make all the comments you want! I'll still moderate them, so you may not see it posted for a while, but that's to keep the meanies and evil-posters and spammers at bay. You're not one of them, I know! So I'll approve your comment if it's appropriate, even if I don't know who you are. It would be nice if you'd give me a little hint, though. Your first name or your initials or your location or any of the above, included within or at the end of your comment will do. I want to hear from you, really I do!


Love, me (semi-anonymously)


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