Sometimes I Wonder

...about myself, that is.

I love playing games, so I play several different word games on Facebook. It's really nice to be able to play with people you know, unlike some of the other online game sites. Anyway, my favorite all-time word game is Scrabble, but the version my friends and I usually play on FB is called Lexulous. But when I've played all my turns and no one else is online to play theirs, I often play Bejeweled Blitz, which is a one minute tournament play version of the long-popular Bejeweled arcade game. Because who doesn't love colorful exploding jewels?

So, late at night, I can often be found playing Bejeweled Blitz, but while I'm playing, I'm singing. And I find myself singing the strangest things. Show tunes. Old pop songs. Tonight I started out with "The Dawntreader," an old song by Joni Mitchell. You know...the one that starts out "Peridots and periwinkle blue medallions..." I even learned to play it on the guitar once, and my guitar teacher always made me sing while I was playing.

From there, I moved on to some of "If I Loved You" from the musical Carousel. Yep, that's one I learned in high school choir. So that makes sense, sort of.

But then I found myself happily singing "One Toke Over the Line." Like I said....sometimes I wonder.

Okay, don't forget, as long as you've read this far (is anyone reading this?), that if you order something from my Etsy shop this week, the shipping is free to anywhere in the US or Canada. No matter how many items you buy. There are only 21 items there, right now, but if you want to buy every one of them, I'll still ship them to you for free, complete with a cute little gift tin for each item, all tied up with a happy little ribbon. No secret passwords or anything. Oh, and here's a sneak peak at a couple of items I'll be listing tomorrow. They need a little tweaking first, but I took a trip to The Artful Bead yesterday to get the elements they were lacking, so I'll get those fixed up in the morning and get more pictures taken.

I've got another item to list also, one that I'm very excited about, but I'll tell you more about that later. I've got to get myself to bed if I plan to get up and do anything in the morning. Night-night!


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