I didn't want to do it...

but I guess there comes a time when you have to admit that it's time to start marking down the merchandise. There were still five listings in my Etsy shop from the first two weeks that I put them out there for the world to see. I think all of them were very reasonably priced to begin with, but those five listings are now 25 percent off. Check out my Etsy mini to the right to click your way to my shop.

I'm very thankful to the friends and relatives who did purchase many of those first items. Thanks especially to my book club, who kindly let me show up with jewelry in tow at our May meeting and actually bought several pieces. And thanks to the people who took a look at what I could do and asked me to make custom items for them. I might have given up if it hadn't been for all of you!

Having my first online sale last week has further inspired me to keep going, going, going, just like a certain bunny we all know.

Now, I'm exhausted and need to get myself to bed. Mom's coming over to go out to lunch tomorrow...don't want to sleep through lunch!

(Graphic by Maryel from Simply Snagables on Delphi Forums)


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