Etsy Tuesday. Five Things.

I had an idea that I would show you some vintage items this week. I quickly decided that my idea of vintage leans decidedly toward mid-century modern. So that's what you get.

A pretty, shiny bud vase with a golden ring.

photo (c) TheWildWorld on Etsy

A family of brass hedgehogs.

photo (c) TheLightsAndDreams on Etsy

Vintage motel signs are so mid-mod.

photo (c) bomobob on Etys

How about another bud vase?

photo (c) Speckadoos on Etsy

And something to shed a little light on all this mid-century gorgeousness.

photo (c) RoughHandsTheHague on Etsy

Do you wonder, like I do, if future generations are going to come up with another term for the style of the middle of the 20th century?


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