F. R. I. D. A. Y.

The other day my daughter sent me this glorious photo that she took on her way back to work after lunch. Fort Worth has sorely needed a good source for modern furniture and accessories since Storehouse closed in 2006. Sure, we have Pottery Barn, but that leans more toward traditional rustic designs, and there IS a West Elm and a Crate and Barrel in Dallas, but having to drive to Dallas doesn't really sit well with many of us in Fort Worth and points west and south.

For years it was rumored that Crate and Barrel would build a store here, but that has never materialized. With the coming of West Elm to W. 7th Street, and the imminent arrival of IKEA in a much more accessible location in south Grand Prairie, things are looking up for the availability of modern decor locally.

So that's my excitement for this week. Now here are a few things that have caught my eye online, for your perusal...

Personally, I am a little bit offended by the implication that I might not be a stylish Grandma (because [see above], with apologies to the grandmas and others who find this appealing).

But...maybe my Grandma tendencies lean more toward dessert?

I dare you other Grandmas to try this.

This texting Grandma has been having a little fun with this over the last week or so.

Okay, Grandma or not, you seriously need these things.

And here's a fun way to get a little creative (but you still have to buy jewelry from me, too...well, not really, but you know...).

Have a great weekend!


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