F. R. I. D. A. Y.

Happy Friday! Can you believe this is my sixth Friday in a row to post? It's been a challenge some weeks, and this week has seemed the most challenging of all, but I am determined to keep chugging along until I can chug no more. Or, you know, until I just let that old procrastination thing take over again. Maybe by bringing a little discipline to my blogging life, I can bring a little to the even less disciplined areas of my life.

So, my challenge this week, beyond life in general, has been to find content that's interesting enough to me that I think it might interest you, too. Somehow it just hasn't come easily, so I hope these few things will give you a smile, or make you think, or give something new a try.

A little blogging inspiration....A Beautiful Mess is celebrating ten years of blogging with this post.

Some shopping inspiration....a different way to shop for groceries online. Will you give it a try?

A whole lot of reading inspiration....13 books about reading.

Can breaking these habits inspire happiness?

And some hair inspiration....maybe? I don't know, but I have the urge to add some unexpected color to my own hair. I probably wouldn't go this far, though.

Have a lovely weekend!


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