Etsy Tuesday. Six Things.

We all need more jewelry, says this jewelry maker. I hereby declare the right to feature an all-jewelry Etsy Tuesday at least once a month.

These Salmon and Grey earrings are just big enough to make a statement in the most minimal, colorful way. I have a pair in lavender and gray-green, and they feel as lovely as the soft colors look.

photo (c) AntigoniCreations on Etsy

This Sterling Poppy Pod Pendant looks like it was just picked from a meadow.

photo (c) CyKLu on Etsy

More pods, in oxidized sterling and gold leaf earrings, by one of my favorite silversmiths.

photo (c) kathiroussel on Etsy

I've seen this amazing Ocean Jasper Pendant in person, as it's by a Fort Worth silversmith who has a great eye for beautiful stones.

photo (c) CrowDesignStudio on Etsy

I love the gold plated "square dots" on this Infinity Ring, available in oxidized or bright sterling.

photo (c) Entinalane on Etsy

I spotted this Branch Cuff Bracelet while researching a clasp design for a bracelet that I'm making. I just love the combination of materials.

photo (c) HeatherBerry on Etsy

(If you looked closely, you may have noticed that three of these pieces are made in Greece. I seem to be drawn to the aesthetic of Greek jewelry makers.)


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