Etsy Tuesday. Five Things.

Season 1, Episode 2. Hah!

Let's get a little artsy and a little international today, shall we?

A trio of giclee prints based on Polish artist Edyta's original watercolors, from her shop YellowRedAndBlue.

photo (c) YellowRedAndBlue on Etsy

A brass hand amulet necklace from London-based artist Kaye Blegvad of datter.

photo (c) datter on Etsy

A pair of soft sculpture owls from Russian artist Olga of wassupbrothers.

photo (c) wassupbrothers on Etsy

This artful Turkish hand-loomed poncho from L.A.-based designer Cansu Cansever of HandloomStore.

photo (c) HandloomStore on Etsy

And finally, a lovely trio of minimalist bud vases from Atlanta ceramic artist Courtney Hamill of honeycombstudio.

photo (c) honeycombstudio on Etsy


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