Etsy Tuesday. Five Vegetables.

Eat your veggies. Wear your veggies. Hang your veggies on the wall.

Get up close and personal with this fine art tomato photo by McAnany.

photo (c) McAnany on Etsy

This vintage Danish Lyngby shallot platter from DesignIK will serve you well.

photo (c) DesignIK on Etsy

Wear a real baby kale leaf dipped in silver by WoodSmith.

photo (c) WoodSmith on Etsy

Watch out for rabbits when you wear this carrot t-shirt by andMorgan.

photo (c) andMorgan on Etsy

Add a little whimsy to your decor with this sweet corn piano print by LucyClaytonArt.

photo (c) LucyClaytonArt on Etsy


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