Somehow I have gone astray.

Hello there! Welcome to a hopeful rejuvenation of my old blog, which has lain fallow for almost three years. It's not that I haven't thought about writing here. Indeed I have. A time or two I've even started a post, only to delete it after just a couple of sentences.

I spend so much time online...way, way too much time, but I have been lured by all those other social media platforms, especially Instagram. There are few weeks that go by that I don't share my life, my lunch, my grandchildren (there are two of them now!), my jewelry, and my loves in that sweet little repository of charmingly square photos. I open the app and fall in for hours at a time. I seek the like-minded in design and decor and jewelry-making. I crave the following and the followers. I don't have time for writing a blog that almost no one ever reads anyway.

Well, maybe it's time to make time. Maybe I need to write something other than a caption full of hashtags and @ signs once in a while. Maybe some of those square photos can appear here. Maybe some rectangular ones can, too. So today I'll start again, with an old name, a new look, and hopefully just a little bit of perseverance. Whether I succeed remains to be seen.

Here's one little photo to get us started....

In motion...Kaylee, age 6 & Nolan, 17 months


  1. So glad your blog is back. Maybe it will inspire me to start again.


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