F. R. I. D. A. Y.

So...maybe this is a weekly feature? We'll see. Anyway, sitting down to research and write a blog post is more exciting than vacuuming. Besides, vacuuming is too noisy while that guy up there is napping.

Here are some Friday things for you...

Are you as fascinated by the idea of living in a Frank Lloyd Wright house as I am?

Hide your embarrassing Instagram photos (of course, you can delete them, too, but maybe you want to be able to look at them yourself).

I can't stop looking at this ring. Maybe I should just order it (and no, I won't copy it).

Take it from a Greek philosopher.

A little summer reading for everyone in the family...(p.s., Brightly is a great resource for reading suggestions for the kids, whether you're searching by age or subject matter).

That's it for this week, since I hear the little guy yelling that nap time is over. Now put your shoes on and go out to play.


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