F. R. I. D. A. Y.

Happy Friday! Happy Summer!

Here are some really random tidbits to take us into the weekend...

I don't like to cook, but that doesn't mean I don't want an amazing cook's kitchen, or that I don't love collecting pretty cookbooks or watching cooking shows. I need all the inspiration I can get, like these short, pretty recipe videos.

I think I'd stare at this glowing orb of a necklace all the time if I owned it.

Fred doesn't get my love of eclectic lighting styles, but I really think our family room could use one or two of these Mantis wall sconces in black or polished nickel. They'd be just the right foil for the pendants I bought for our future kitchen.

Speaking of decor, check out how five designers make their small homes look like mansions.

Bolder eyebrows are gracing all the stylish faces these days, but I've always struggled with pale, wimpy brows that grow everywhere but where I want them. These five tips seem like they could be helpful.

Would you consider joining a silent book club? My real-life book club members think it's a crazy idea.

Have a great weekend.


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